about us

A little bit about us, we are a small close knit family with two small children, Lily and James. These treasures inspire us to create an environmentally friendly world for them to grow up in especially seen as our little James was born hypo-allergenic just like his mom.

We offer an alternate solution to what is available mainstream with the same luxurious feel and quality of major retail brands. Our stylish and unique clothing lines accommodate both young deers with sensitive skin, like our prince James, and young deers with normal skin, like our princess Lily.

At Lily James Clothing, we love novelty clothes and have come up with awesome ideas both cute and funny for those first special outfits to everything that follows. You can also send us an idea you’ve seen and we will design and make up your garment for you.

In addition to our clothing range, we also offer child-care necessities like teething bibs, bandana bibs, stroller bags, blankets, and cloth nappies to name a few.

Seen something on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram that you really love but can’t find in South Africa?

Lily James can custom make your favourite clothing right down to specific fabric, letter colouring and design. We even add tutus and bloomers to finish your gorgeous outfit off.

If you already have an idea feel free to email us or if you are searching for something have a look at our idea board for some inspiration.

Not only do we dress your baby deers but we’ll dress your young, teen and adult deers too.

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If you would like to get in touch with us please call Jaclyn 0823271418 | Jo-Anne 0823271417 or email us on hello@lilyjames.co.za

Meet us all

Lily Holzberg

Meet Lily, the first born of the inspirational duo!

Daughter to Jaclyn, born on the 23rd of January 2014.

Lily has been making us laugh for almost 3 years now!!!
Our little blonde hair, blue-eyed diva, LOVES to dance and sing.
Her new favourite program on the telly is Paw Patrol and she is constantly telling us how the pups are going to come and save us, we are not too sure what we need saving from, but Lily sure thinks it is something serious! She absolutely adores her cousin Jimbos (James).

James William Walker

Meet James, the second inspiration, born on the 13th October 2015.

Son to Jo-Anne

James has kept us on our toes since day one. Crawling at 5 months walking at 11 months and now running around after his best buddy (Lily) copying everything she does. It really is a game of monkey see monkey do with these two.
James loves to talk on the phone and dance. He has super impressive ninja skills, so impressive his mom doesn’t know weather to be really impressed or really, REALLY scared about!

Jo-Anne Walker & Jaclyn Ornelas

Meet the team behind Lily James, the ladies who get everything done!
We are sisters and best friends, we always have been and always will be!

We just want what everyone wants for their children, a safe and happy home, a good education and we just want them to grow up to be kind and helpful human beings!

Jo-Anne (Jo) has a background in design, so she handles all of the creative aspects of the business. Jo makes all of our special occasion outfits herself, where attention to detail is her top priority!

Jaclyn (Jax/Jackie) has a background in recruitment and handles all of our sales and admin. Jax strives to provide the best customer service she can. Without Jax none of Jo’s creations would have any homes!